Balatonlelle as part our History

The town is one of the oldest settlements on the south coast of Lake Balaton. Mention is made in the oldest Hungarian record – the Founding Document of the Abbacy of Tihany (1055) of Lelle’s St. Kelemen Cathedral which stood by the grand Hadiút (War Lane). Located centrally, the settlement suffered from the attacks of the Tatar and the Turks, but ist population survived again and again. In 1896, the year of Millenium, the population of Budapest started to discover the usesful effects of Lake Balaton. A swimming and bathing association was founded in 1904, with a major influence on the development of the settlement, making it become a real cultural and recreational area. In 1928, as an acknowledgement for having developed a beautiful chain of villas („Villasor”), the town was classified as a „health resort” and took up the name of Balatonlelle. In the subsequent years a number of scientits and artists chose Balatonlelle as their place of recreation and work, and still continue to do so. Between 1946 and 1948 the summer residence of the Hungarian Republic’s president was in Balatonlelle, located in the centre of Villasor. In 1979, with the union of Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle, the settlement was named Boglárlelle became an independent town once more. Lelle, also known as the „town of flowers”, has kept its traditions and strives to protect the values of the resort culture. Its people are famous for their hospitality, awaiting tourists wishing to spend their holidays in this beautiful town.