Balatonlelle, the stop over the Southern-Balaton Wine Tour

The winegrowers of Lelle organise a one – week Wine Celebration in every August called the „Lellei Borhét” to honour „Villáműző Szent Donát” (Thunder-stopping Saint Donatius)who is considered to bev the patron saint of vineyards.
Visitors of the celebration can enjoy the best of Hungarian and ethnic folklore all week long. During the event, wine lovers can get a taste of the best wines of Lelle, and a wide selection of Hungarian traditional food, such as piles of tasty and savoury pork knuckles, ham, sausages and wonderful pickles. In the intermission of programs, visitors can buy souvenirs from the local masters of folk art: pottery, wooden carving, embroidered tablecloth, or heart-shaped honey cakes. A great way of ending an enjoyable evening is by joining the traditional dances, the so-called traditional dance houses.

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